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Hippo Games

Welcome on our pages

We are group of independet programmers. Our main hobby is creating computer games. Our games are mainly released under GPL. There are some exceptions. You know - sometimes you write 'rm -rf /' and you may lose some source codes.

When were ceating the sources, we didn't try to make them look good. So the may look crazy some times :-) If you find any bug, please report it to us and we will try to correct what we can. Also any feedback if welcome.

What is Hippo Games?

Hippo Games is nonprofit ogranization withou any formal leader of some programmers. Hippo Games was founed on sunny day 18.6.1996. We considered name Apple Games but we guess that may people would be confused by Apple Computer. So Hippo is here for nearly 15 years. We are creating mostly games. If you look at them from beginning you may see incerasing quality (or at least I hope). We aren't organized any way. If someone of us creates something - we put it on this web. We also try to collect programs (games) from our frineds or if someone from net sends us a program and wants to have it here. So if you think that your program is good enough to be here together with ours, you may send it :-) GPL is welcome.

HIPPO GAMES salutes you :-)

mail > bernard[at]alderan.cz
mail > 2zdeny[at]seznam.cz

PS: We are sorry for changing structure of our website. If your links are broken, please correct them. We were trying to let most downloaded where are.